Craft brewer course - learn how microbrewers brew beer

This course is for everyone that has dreamt of becoming a craft brewer, starting a microbrewery or maybe just want to get some more knowledge about brewing beer.
Start date
5 days
DKK 23,000
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I really enjoyed the course - a good mix of topics that cover the whole brewing industry

Course participant, 2023

Great teachers, very welcoming

Course participant, 2023

Course director and guest speakers - Master Brewers 

Course details - Brewing in theory and practice









Overall I have learned a lot. High quality teachers and subjects

Maximiliano Ahlers, 2021

Diploma Craft Brewer education

Craft Brewer Course 2

In addition to the Craft Brewer Course at Copenhagen Summer University in August, you can take a second course week in January-February the following year – Craft Brewer Course II. Like the first week, the second week is held at Department of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen. In between the weeks the participant make a project at their brewery and write a report.

The second course week will be offered next time 29 January – 2 February 2024. The second week is finished by an exam and the participants will present their projects for each other. If you pass the exam and your project report is approved, you will get a diploma as Diploma Craft Brewer from the Scandinavian School of Brewing.

This education is highly recognised in the Nordic countries and many brewers in other countries have also taken the education. We highly recommend to get 2 months of practical experience from a microbrewery before attending the two course weeks or in between the two weeks.

More information about the second week and sign up by mail to Master Brewer Kim L. Johansen –

Meet our modern Pilot Brewery


Small version of a large brewery

At the Department of Food Science we have a modern pilot brewery installed in 2019 by the German company Kaspar Schulz. Since the purpose is to educate brewing students, our pilot brewery is not a microbrewery, but a small version of a large brewery. The brewhouse can produce 50-100 litre per brew and consist of a mash kettle, a lauter tun, a wort kettle with external heater and hop dosing vessel, a whirlpool, a wort cooler and inline aeration.

We have 8 fermentation tanks each with a gross volume of 50 litres. The tanks are cooled by ice water in cooling jackets and mounted in insulated compartments. We have the possibility of filling the beer into kegs and into glass bottles with crown cork. Our brewing students at the University learn how to operate the brewery and how to design recipes for the beer, we are brewing.

Practical information


University of Copenhagen
University of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg Campus
Bülowsvej 21
DK-1870 Frederiksberg


Copenhagen Summer University
+45 3533 3423

Time and Date

19 - 23 August 2024


Really good balance between depth, scope and time available (translation from Danish/CSU)

Martin Brauer, 2021

”Very clear instruction and a really good teacher. Clearly has expert knowledge”

Per Skovgaard Rosen, 2021

Good mix of theory and practice. Great with lecturers that shares practical experiences

Course participant, 2023

A super good course (translated from Danish)

Course participant, 2023