Understand the dilemmas and opportunities

Climate change plays out at many different levels, from human impact to economic consequences. At the same time, sustainable development is a prerequisite for businesses’ continued growth and the development of society.

The EU has set goals for the green transition. Accordingly, it will be more and more relevant that we understand and can navigate the inevitable dilemmas that may occur when businesses and organisations are to decide which sustainability projects to launch. It is not possible to optimise on all parameters.

Climate and sustainability from different aspects

How can you tackle sustainability dilemmas and how do you avoid not being able to give an explanation?

The solution is to understand the dilemmas and make informed decisions based on science. You can acquire sustainability competences within natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities.


Customised courses

Are you looking for a course on sustainability that matches the needs of your company or organisation?

Courses can be customised and organised to enhance your employees’ skills within a specific area of your interest and that matches your reality.


Course Level Start date Duration
Arctic climate change law and governance
The main objective of the course is to provide students with an understanding of the law and governance applicable in the Arctic in the face of climate change. Students will learn about the legal challenges presented in a warming Arctic and a broad set of legal and regulatory instruments that can be used to manage this highly dynamic environment, while being aware of different rights and interests at play. Part of UCPH International Summer Programme.
Master August 1 week
Diagnosis of Diseases of Agricultural and Horticultural Plants
The course will introduce commonly occurring plant diseases in agriculture, horticulture and orchards etc. Hands-on experience with classical and web-based methods used in identifying causal organisms and diagnosing the diseases will be given. Part of UCPH International Summer Programme.
Bachelor July 2 weeks
Protein Structure and Function in Biomedicine and Sustainable Biotechnology
The aim of this course is to guide students who already have a basic knowledge of protein chemistry, through more advanced aspects of protein science based on critical reading of original literature, with themes like the role of proteins in disease and proteins as biotechnological tools for sustainable industrial applications. Part of UCPH International Summer Programme.
Master August 1 week
Creating Healthy Cities
The course explores the built environment and examines how health and disease shape urban infrastructure and vice versa. It covers socio-political aspects of healthy urban living with a focus on disparities and migration challenges. Part of UCPH International Summer Programme.
Master and PhD July 7 weeks
Global Health Challenges
This course is designed to strengthen university students’ problem-solving competencies and increase their engagement in real-world global health related issues. students will collaborate in multidisciplinary teams to come up with the best solution to a case question provided by an external public or private partner. Part of UCPH International Summer Programme.
Master July 3 weeks
Human Rights and Economic Law for the Green Transition
The main objective of the course is to provide students with an understanding of the potential of two critical areas of international law, namely human rights and international economic law, to support the green transition and address the gaps left by international climate change law. Part of UCPH International Summer Programme.
Master June 1 week
Ways of Living: Danish Architecture & Urban Design
The city of Copenhagen is our primary classroom, and walking lectures, sidewalk seminars, independent field studies, and collegial debates will be unfolded across a diversity of places within the metropolis. ‘Ways of living’, in this course, encompasses and addresses a diversity of human and nonhuman actors and relationalities, and acknowledges that architecture and urban design are never stand-alone but are always entangled as parts of something both bigger and smaller than themselves – both materially and immaterially. Part of UCPH International Summer Programme.
Bachelor July 1,5 weeks
The Sustainable Development Goals – A global, transdisciplinary vision for the future
Within this course, you will get a historical overview of how sustainability has been understood, as well as a thorough introduction to the SDGs – what they are, how progress can be measured, and how the SDGs are relevant for the management of the global systems supporting humanity.
Beginner Online self-study Approx. 10 hrs

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