Learn about quantum physics and the new technologies 

Quantum physics has several paradoxical consequences that are currently sought to be applied in specific quantum technologies: quantum sensors, quantum encryption and quantum computing. Within these technologies, quantum technology can be applied in many ways, for example, to carry out powerful simulations, handle large data volumes, create unbreakable encryption, measure body signals and much more. Whether you want to refresh your knowledge or learn more about how quantum physics can be used to develop new technology, a course in this field can enhance your skills.

Ideas, methods and applications of quantum mechanics 

Within continuing education, UCPH offers targeted courses based on the basic description of quantum-physical processes and that present the focused research in new potential applications.

Customised courses

Are you looking for a course on quantum physics that matches the needs of your company or organisation?

Courses can be customised and organised to enhance your employees’ skills within a specific area of your interest and that matches your reality.


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