Psychology can answer life’s big questions

Psychology can help clarifying two big questions. Why do we think the way do – and why do we act the way we do?

Many current issues require a deeper understanding of psychological perspectives.

Several of the world’s challenges are man-made – and, in this aspect, psychology can help us understand people’s thinking, feelings, needs and perceptions.

Having knowledge about these things makes it easier to understand, analyse and find solutions to the issues.

Focus on professional expertise

If you hold a degree in psychology, you may be considering enhancing your professional skills or acquiring new skills within your field.

The University offers continuing education courses within cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, clinical psychology and the study of personality and development in the interaction between the individual, culture and society.

Customised courses

With a customised course, you can organise a course for a group of employees together with lecturers from the Department of Psychology. You will get a course that is aimed at your needs. Focus can be on enhancing your skills based on your strategic goals, updating you on the most recent knowledge and/or new methods or handling new opportunities and requirements generated by societal developments.

Together with you, the department’s researchers will plan a course that will give you the highest return of your investment in continuing education.

Depending on your requests, the course can take place at your workplace or at the Department of Psychology in central Copenhagen.

Contact us for an informal dialogue on how we can accommodate your needs.


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