A rapidly developing field

Protein chemistry is rapidly developing. An example of this is the new protein types called intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPS). These proteins seem promising for use in medicine.

Gain both the basic and the latest knowledge

You can acquire skills in basic protein chemistry and combine with knowledge on how to translate theory into practice in the laboratory.

You can also learn about the latest trends and technologies in protein chemistry, including their potentials and limitations. In addition, you can learn how to combine methods for determining structures and studying the dynamic and function of proteins.

You will gain knowledge of state-of-the-art methods such as NMR and preparative ultracentrifugation as well as new methods within enzyme kinetics.

Customised courses

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Course Level Start date Duration
Protein Structure and Function in Biomedicine and Sustainable Biotechnology
The aim of this course is to guide students who already have a basic knowledge of protein chemistry, through more advanced aspects of protein science based on critical reading of original literature, with themes like the role of proteins in disease and proteins as biotechnological tools for sustainable industrial applications. Part of UCPH International Summer Programme.
Master August 1 week

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