The future of healthcare is based on health data and collaboration

The need for further education is growing at the same rate as the complexity of health data is. The development of new health technologies has resulted in many new types of health data, such as genomic data. This requires that healthcare professionals acquire the specific competences within the field of data analysis as well as the organizational, ethical, legal, social, and patient safety-related aspects that are needed when using new types and quantities of health data. This calls for co-operative efforts between many professional groups, such as data scientists and medical doctors.

The aim of education in personalised medicine is to increase the collaboration and understanding between these different professional groups within the healthcare system who all, from different perspectives, are involved in personalised medicine. Candidates with technical backgrounds must understand the challenges that medical personnel face as related to the individual patient. And doctors must understand the pitfalls and challenges of data analysis and data generation.

From health data to individual treatment

We need to support the development of a future healthcare system where health data is crucial to patient treatment, for example in the form of data driven decision support.

The courses in personalised medicine provide a strong foundation for the continued work with diagnostics, treatment, and research in personal medicine. Likewise, participants gain experience with multidisciplinary collaboration between multiple professional groups.

The courses are aimed at both at postgraduates in the healthcare field, the medical industry, and university research environments as well as computer scientists and engineers.

The healthcare system is a wonderful place to be if you’re interested in data and developing algorithms. There are extremely complex data like omics data, register data, and data from Wearables with all kinds of measurements you could possibly imagine. So, the healthcare field is the data playground of the future.

Sisse R. Ostrowski, professor, chief physician,, head of studies of master’s degree programme in personalised medicine


Customised courses

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