Nature as a resource to improve physical, mental and social health

Research shows that nature is an important resource in relation to human health and well-being. A course in Naturebased Rehabilitation will give you an insight into how natural environments can promote health and how you can use this knowledge for specific target groups. Within design of natural environments, you will get analytical tools that can help you understand how nature and therapeutic gardens can be used to promote physical, mental and social health.

Sustainability and rehabilitation

Get the latest knowledge about how individuals and society can contribute to sustainable solutions now and in future and in-depth knowledge about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, for example Goal 3 ‘Good health and well-being’. This goal in particular is key in terms of understanding how nature can be included as a framework and as an important part of rehabilitation of citizens. You can also be qualified to carry out basic outdoor activities with a social and educational purpose.

Customised courses

Are you looking for a course on Naturebased Rehabilitation that matches the needs of your company or organisation?

Courses can be customised and organised to enhance your employees’ skills within a specific area of your interest and that matches your reality.


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