Continuing education in laboratory animal science

Scientists use animals in biomedical research and drug development to understand how biological systems work and to find out whether new medicines work as intended.

To perform research on animals, it is a requirement that no other options are available, that as few animals as possible are used and that any pain, distress, or suffering is avoided or minimized.

Continuing education on specific animal species and techniques or basic knowledge

The University of Copenhagen offers continuing education in laboratory animal science that gives you as a license holder, scientist, technician, or veterinarian access to the latest knowledge in the area and skills that will ensure authority approval of your practice.

The courses offer both basic and specialised knowledge within specific animal species and special techniques.

Online teaching or courses with few participants per instructor

A large part of the theoretical part of our laboratory animal science courses will be accessible online, which makes it easy to follow. Other courses consist of practical exercises with few participants per instructor.

If we are to have less animal testing and less animal suffering, veterinarians have got to be good.

Axel Kornerup Hansen – dDoctor and Professor of laboratory animal science and laboratory animal welfare at the University of Copenhagen and chair of the Danish 3R-Center.



Customised courses

Are you looking for a course on laboratory animal science and comparative medicine that matches the needs of your company or organisation?

Courses can be customised and organised to enhance your employees’ skills within a specific area of your interest and that matches your reality.

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