From Japan to Sierra Leone

Better health can help improve the quality of life, safety and economic development. For example, a newborn infant in Sierra Leone can look forward to about 29 healthy years, which is in sharp contrast to the 75 years that Japanese infants can expect.

The health conditions of population groups increasingly depend on global processes from urbanisation to new mobility patterns, both socially and across national borders.

Understand the global patterns – and individual impact.

Continuing education within global health will provide you with skills to work with the many interrelated factors of influence. These factors appear on a broad scale that range from the individual to society in general, including politics, legislation, economy, socio-cultural issues and climate change.

The teaching is based on research and gives you the opportunity to work analytically and practically with issues within human health in a globalised world.



Course Level Start date Duration
Creating Healthy Cities
The course explores the built environment and examines how health and disease shape urban infrastructure and vice versa. It covers socio-political aspects of healthy urban living with a focus on disparities and migration challenges. Part of UCPH International Summer Programme.
Master and PhD August 2 weeks
Global Health Challenges
Through a mix of lectures, case studies, group work and workshops, this course will explore, explain and analyze many of the greatest challenges to current and future health. The summer course aims to serve as a platform for networking, capacity building and inspiration, thus empowering participants to become more effective health leaders, thinkers and change-makers. Part of UCPH International Summer Programme.
Master August 2 weeks
Global Health Case Challenge
This course is designed to strengthen university students’ problem-solving competencies and increase their engagement in real-world global health related issues. students will collaborate in multidisciplinary teams to come up with the best solution to a case question provided by an external public or private partner. Part of UCPH International Summer Programme.
Master and PhD August 1 week
International Health
This intensive course puts an emphasis on the biomedical and clinical aspects of the diseases people are facing in developing countries. The most important diseases will be discussed in more detail with emphasis on clinical presentation, diagnosis, and treatment. Part of UCPH International Summer Programme.
Master August 3 weeks

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