Aroma - the Chemistry behind Odour

The course describes the role of aroma components in foods
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Course description

The course describes the role of aroma components in foods. The relationship between volatile profile and the sensory quality of a product is an important issue of the course, and the course includes working with the complexity of the chemical background for odour impressions. The use of multivariate techniques - chemometrics - to relate aroma analysis to sensory quality is an integrated part of the course.

The course is an intense practical summer course with practical exercises on campus and requires 3 weeks of full time attendance plus one-week preparation through e-learning. The participants are expected to have basic skills within food chemistry, sensory science and chemometrics.

Practical information

The course is offered as a single-subject course at the Faculty of Science. Single-subject courses typically run for seven to nine weeks with scheduled activities approx. one day per week.

You will be attending the course together with full-time students from the Faculty of Science, and you must meet various admission requirements. The course ends with an exam.

The number of places is limited, and they are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so do not delay your application!


University of Copenhagen
Department of Food Science

* in some semesters, the course may be run from another location. You will be informed about this upon registration.


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