Strengthen your strategies with continuing education in communication

Planning and producing communication that performs as intended is essential for every professional in the field of communication.

As a communicator, you must be able to work with strategies, target audiences, and articulated goals in order to succeed with your communication, both in the written and verbal forms. Continuing education in the field of communication gives you the skills to grow and sharpen your abilities.

Communication in theory and practice

By continuing your education at the University of Copenhagen, you will engage practically with the newest communication theories and forms.

You will be able to refine your communication skills through a variety of courses and education spanning subjects such as storytelling, communication campaigns, strategic communication, operational communication, and many others.

Customised courses

Are you looking for a course on communication that matches the needs of your company or organisation?

Courses can be customised and organised to enhance your employees’ skills within a specific area of your interest and that matches your reality.


Course Level Start date Duration
Citizen Science

This MSc course offers an in-depth introduction to citizen science: the involvement of the public in all levels of the scientific process. Citizen Science is an innovative method with the potential to collect large amounts of data over short time periods and is increasingly recognized for its enormous potential to make research relevant to the public by their involvement in the research process. Part of UCPH International Summer Programme.

Master July 2 weeks
Science Communication in Theory and Practice

Students will work together to produce high quality science communication products such as short films, podcasts, articles and complementary social media. Project groups will be interdisciplinary, giving students the chance to gain hands-on experience of research and development across disciplinary boundaries. Part of UCPH International Summer Programme.

Master August 2 weeks

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