Decision-making processes and human cognition

Every single day we make decisions, big and small. What all those decisions have in common is the choice between a myriad of options. Our assessment of a given choice’s individual value depends on how this choice is processed in our cognitive system. Because of this, understanding the limitations of human cognition is essential. Once we recognize which cognitive mechanisms restrict rationality, we begin to be able to not only predict behaviour but also change it by changing the decision-making frameworks.

Confronting the idea of rationality

Behavioural design is based around the assumption that humans on a basic level aren’t rational. At the same time, behavioural design uses the knowledge we acquire about human behaviour to create a specific framework or design around their choices. This way, they’re guided – or nudged - to make more expedient decisions.

Behavioural design is therefore concerned with understanding human decision-making and how we can affect these decisions.

Are you interested in gaining insight into the newest knowledge about human decision-making processes? And would you like to expand your knowledge of the principles that affect human behaviour? Then a course or education in behavioural design might just be the thing for you.

Thomas Stengade Sønderskov, Senior Consultant, Copenhagen Summer University

Customised courses

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Course Level Start date Duration
Behavioral and Experimental Economics
By looking at behavioral economics, this course attempts to make economics a more relevant and powerful science of human behavior by integrating insights from psychology and the social sciences into economics. Experimental economics adapts methods developed in the natural sciences to study economic behavior. Part of UCPH International Summer Programme.
Bachelor, Master and PhD July 3 weeks

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