Market Access for Pharmaceutical Products - Trends and Challenges

In recent years, the field of pricing and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals has become more complex and challenging.
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In the competitive world of pharmaceutical sales, developing a market access strategy and communicating the value of the brands to the 'payers' is at the top of the agenda. In recent years, the field of Health Technology Assessment, pricing and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals has become more complex and challenging. The economic pressures and general demographic changes coupled with highly innovative and more expensive drugs has contributed to bigger hurdles in securing market access. Decisions are now increasingly made on cost-effectiveness and cost-containment rationales.

Although everyone seems to be talking about market access, few are able to define it. Who are the key stakeholders, exactly? Is it no longer the prescribers that decide which drug a patient should use? Is market access only about containing costs for the public budgets or are there benefits for patients and society as well?

I really enjoyed the course. It touched every subject related to market acces

Julie Perroud, Julie Perroud, Global Market Access and Pricing Analyst, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

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I have over the years participated in numerous courses at different universities and venues. The service, faculty, catering and facilities at “Copenhagen Summer University” stand out as the best of them all”

Kreesten Madsen, Senior Director, LEO Pharma

I think this course has been covering all the different perspectives of market Access

Susanne Søgaard-Andersen, Infield Excellence Manager, AbbVie