Digitalizing Business Processes, Knowledge Workflows and Compliance

Learn to digitalize decisions, regulations and business processes with notations and tools used in practice today.
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Information technology is increasingly used to digitalize and automate business processes of private industries as well as workflows in governmental organizations. At the same time, the amount of legal regulation and need for ongoing change and adaptation of processes is also increasing. A proposed answer to these challenges is the use of low- or no-code process-oriented platforms, where decision logic as well as business and work processes can be expressed and maintained by domain-experts using high-level notations. Moreover, the new technologies can be combined with AI, such as process mining and NLP. However, the new technologies offer both new promises, challenges and pitfalls.

The course will introduce to process and decision modelling notations used in practice today and state-of-the art process digitalization tools and give an overview of current research, in particular the use of AI for process digitalization and compliance, from process mining to decision support.

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University of Copenhagen
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23-25 August 2023