Quick guide for applying via the UCPH application portal

These instructions for applying for continuing and further education courses describe how to create an application for single-subject courses at SCIENCE as quickly and easily as possible.

Log in to the application portal

  1. Find the link to the digital application portal on the faculty's website.
  2. Select how you want to log in:
    1. Log in via WAYF: if you already have a WAYF login (if you are a student at a Danish university). Read the guide here.
    2. Log in with MitID/NemID: Read the guide here (in Danish only).
    3. Log in as a self-registered user: If you have previously created a user profile on the application portal.
    4. Register me as a user: if you cannot use any of the methods above. Read the guide here.

Create an application

  1. Click on the tab ‘Create application’. Select 'University of Copenhagen' under Institution name and ‘Student Place Vacancy’ under Type of education. (NOTE:  You must select ‘Student Place Vacancy’ even if you are applying for a single-subject course). Click on 'Search'.
  2. Find application forms under ‘Programme name’. Select SCIENCE single-subject courses from the list and tick the box in the left-hand side. Click on ‘Proceed to create the application’ above the list.
  3. In the following window, click on 'Proceed to create the application.
    Please note: If you have used a direct link to the application portal from a faculty website, the fields 'Type of education' and 'Programme name’ will already be selected, and you should simply click on 'Proceed to create the application'.
    Please note: If the faculty or course type does not appear on the list, it may be because the application deadline is closed or that you need to submit your application in a different way than via the application portal. Read more on the faculty’s website.

Retrieve your data from the University's database

  1. If you have been enrolled at a Danish university, you may be able to retrieve data on your educational background. Read more about data exchange here.
    If you have not been enrolled at a Danish university, please skip this page.
    Please note: The data collection needs to be able to connect to the university database to function. If a connection cannot be established, you can either save the application as a draft and return later, or you can manually upload documentation for your degree to the tab "Requirements and prerequisites".

Complete and submit the application

  1. Click on ‘Next’ or the individual steps to proceed.
  2. Under ‘Person’, please enter your phone number.
  3. Under ‘Applied education/course’, enter course name and course code (you can find the information in the course description at the site for further and continuing education). Select also level and examination form.
  4. Under 'Requirements and prerequisites', you should read the guidelines and then attach relevant documentation.
  5. Under ‘Payment’, you must accept the terms and conditions and enter your payment information.
    • If you select ‘Company’, you must enter the company's payment information.
    • If you select ‘Private’, you will receive an invoice in your digital mailbox (unless you are exempted from digital mail).

Please note: The invoice will be sent when the application has been processed.

  1. If you have any comments to your application, please write them in the comments field.
  2. Click on 'Next' until you reach the step ‘Send application’.
  3. Click on ‘Submit application’. Your application is now completed and submitted.

How to see application status and response

  • When you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation from the portal.
    IMPORTANT! It is important that you check to see if you have received the confirmation via your registered email address. The message may end up in your spam filter – the sender is no-reply@ufm.dk.
    It is important because you will receive a notification if documentation is missing in your application. If you fail to notice such information, we will not be able to process your application.
  • You will receive the response to your application in the portal.
  • You should regularly check the status of your application in the application portal. You can see the status of your application by logging on to the portal.

Find more instruction for the application portal

If you need help to create an application, you can find detailed instructions on User guide for online application.

If you need help to see the status of your application, you can find instructions for that on the application portal.